Local Success Stories

We provide local expertise and locally tested products for northern fields. From agronomic advice to locally tested seed, we strive to help you increase yield potential, control weeds and protect your bottom line. But don’t just take our word for it — see what other farmers are saying.

"I’ve been planting Rea Hybrids™ products since 2010. Their performance and service make them different than other seed brands."
Jess HofererFarmer, Joliet, MT
"I’ve found that Rea Hybrids™ products yield better. Their products beat the other products we have used. Their products just make sense to raise."
Craig NiceCraig Nice Farmer, Ardoch, ND
"I’ve been planting Rea Hybrids for three years, and I like the local connection they bring me. I appreciate the local support, especially from their field sales representatives and agronomists."
Curt McDonaldFarmer, Larimore, ND
Locally Tested Products

Rea Hybrids™ provides corn, soybeans, silage and alfalfa seed for the North.

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