Oct 1, 2018

New Products Offer Combination of Enhanced Agronomics and Disease Tolerance

Rea Hybrids™ FortiField® corn products are available to Northern farmers for 2019


Oct. 1, 2018 – With harvest 2018 in full swing, Northern farmers are turning their focus to 2019 preparations. They’ll have a new option to consider as they think ahead to planting: Rea Hybrids FortiField corn products, featuring enhanced agronomic characteristics plus improved disease protection.

Using superior genetics through enhanced breeding technologies, Rea Hybrids FortiField products have been carefully developed and locally tested to provide high-performing agronomic advantages throughout the growing season from emergence through harvest. This includes early-season emergence and seedling vigor; midseason root and stalk strength and late-season health (staygreen); and harvest intactness. In addition, Rea Hybrids FortiField products defend against local diseases including Gray Leaf Spot, Goss’s Wilt, Northern Corn Leaf Blight and Anthracnose Stalk Rot.

“The Rea Hybrids FortiField package of unique agronomic characteristics and comprehensive protection from common and costly diseases are designed to give Northern farmers peace of mind, from emergence through harvest,” says Andy Ackley, corn product manager. “These new products have been hand-selected by your local technical agronomists and are designed to perform in the North.”

The Rea Hybrids FortiField offerings include seven products in maturities ranging from 92 to 112. They are:

  • 3A923 Brand Blend
  • 3B923 Brand Blend
  • 6A072 Brand Blend
  • 6B072 Brand Blend
  • 7A084 Brand Blend
  • 7B084 Brand Blend
  • 7B121 Brand Blend

These products are available for purchase for the upcoming 2019 planting season. For more information on purchasing the products, farmers can contact their local Rea Hybrids dealer or district sales manager, or visit www.rea-hybrids.com/FortiField.

Hand-selected by your local Rea Hybrids agronomy team, this new, unique line of products delivers better, healthier, stronger crops all season long.

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