Harvest Results

A successful harvest begins nearly a year in advance — it starts with informed seed-buying decisions. Rea Hybrids provides reliable data, so you can compare a wide range of products grown in the various conditions found in our region.

Look through the results below to identify which seeds will be the top performers on your operation, and start planning for next year. Not sure what to look for? Contact us for more information.

REA Hybrids Plots

To obtain these plot results, we work with individual growers around the region. They plant test plots of various products and grow everything in the same conditions and with the same farming methods. At harvest, growers measure and report yields. See how Rea Hybrids products performed in areas near you. You can search plot results by year, crop and location.


Independent Trials

These trials are independent, and are conducted by universities and third-party seed testing organizations such as F.I.R.S.T. Seed Trials. They work with farmers to identify growing conditions, then test new products from a range of brands in multiple locations throughout the region. See how Rea Hybrids products performed in local independent trials. You can search trials by crop, year and source.

FTN Trials

FieldScripts® Technology Network (FTN) trials analyze the yields of several products planted side by side over the length of an entire field. Because they account for soil type, growing conditions and environment, FTN trials are very useful in improving the precision of seed placement when you’re planting multiple products in the same field.

Learn more about how Rea Hybrids products performed in FTN trials in your area by contacting us.