Silage is an important high-energy forage for cows that can make a big difference in your production goals. The extra nutrients and higher starch digestibility can help give your operation the best chance for success. Fit for your specific fields, Rea Hybrids silage corn products are developed to help you get the feed you need, with high-quality tonnage and high-energy content.

Highly Digestible Silage Products

Choose Rea Hybrids HDS® corn to help you get the most out of your silage operation. Rea Hybrids HDS corn products are carefully selected for your specific growing environment to produce high tonnage. These products have floury-type grain that can provide a high starch digestibility within the ration.

Dual-Purpose Corn Products

Our dual-purpose products have shown to excel in silage. We continuously test our lineup to determine the best products for your livestock operation. In doing this, we collect thousands of samples to ensure we provide options that enable you to produce the most milk per acre.

Silage Management Tips

  • Harvest silage corn between 60-70 percent moisture to maintain digestibility and starch quality.
  • Treat with silage preservatives to retain high-quality feed.
  • Harvest at whole-plant moistures appropriate for your storage:
    • 63-65 percent for tower silos
    • 68-70 percent for bunkers and bags


With our ongoing silage research, we are able to share with our growers how the products they plant can perform as a component of the feeding ration. Our goal at Rea Hybrids is to deliver strong performing silage products for better silage yield potential, with nutrient values that enable strong production levels. It's just one way we show our commitment to providing Rea Hybrids growers with products fit for their specific operations.

Additional Tips

HDS® Planting and Management Tips

  • HDS® corn offers higher nutrient requirements, we recommend managing your silage crop with the proper fertility on your best fields.
  • Maintain a planting population in the moderate range, usually 3,000 plants per acre less than corn planted for grain use.
  • HDS products need room to stretch out and add biomass in order to excel in populations no greater than 32,000 plants per acre.

Dual-Purpose Management Tips

  • To help increase tonnage on your more productive soils, consider increasing plant populations by 10-20 percent over what is recommended for grain production.
  • Adjust your plant populations based on your fields' water-holding capacity and soil fertility.
  • For dual-purpose products, plant a later product than what is normally planted for grain harvest.

Find the products fit for your operation, review our Silage options or Contact Us to learn more.